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Goodbye Osama, I’ll miss you like a hole in the head! (Yours)

So finally, after ten years and billions of dollars spent chasing him, Osama Bin Laden is offcially an ex-parrot, he has ceased to be, he has had his breathing priviliges withdrawn. And far from being in paradise surrounded by 72 virgins let’s hope he is in hell being bummed senseless by Lucifer bringing a new slant to the phrase ‘Get behind me Satan’.

It would be nice if some of those nice peace loving and moderate muslim clerics we always hear about but never see would come on the news and confirm that his actions in this plain of existence means he won’t be eligible for paradise, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

And why 72 virgins? Personally, I’d rather have 72 strumpets who do their kegel exercises by cracking walnuts.

And apparently stock markets are experiencing a bounce on the news….Capitalism, kicking ass and taking names!


George galloway, you utter prick!


America goes tits up

Well the news that Standard & Poor have downgraded the US’s AAA rating outlook to negative has been a bit of a bombshell. It does vindicate George Osborne’s decision to treat our own defecit with the seriousness it deserved though…and Obama’s come out of it looking completely useless again. He’s in danger of making Bush II look like a collossus in comparison.