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So the European Commission have decided they need a 4.9% budget increase. They must be having a laugh. The chancellor and PM need to fight this one tooth and nail…there should be no increase in the EU budget whatsoever. Just flat out refuse to pay it, the thing with brinkmanship is that the one with the most to lose always backs down and that’s the EU. It needs the UK more than the UK needs it. And if it won’t back down then they need to realise that we still have the ultimate ‘nuclear option’ (A proper one Vince!), a referendum on remaining in the EU…they know they’d lose, they could throw as much money at it as they want (as long as we’re not paying) but they’d lose. So bring it on and let’s wipe the smug grin off the face of that git the EC put up on Newsnight.

I just read an excellent comment on the Spectators Coffeehouse blog about this issue where someone came up with an excellent suggestion of leaving the EU and starting a rival pan-European organisation that is purely based on free trade and will always remain so. Could it be done? All the benefits of the EU without the downside. French Farmers and much of eastern europe would hate it as it ends their gravy train but it would be a boon for enterprise. Ian Walker (the commenter), take a bow!