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Get out and vote

If you haven’t already done so today, get out and vote in the referendum/local council/devolved institutions that are in your area. I did and now feel morally superior to those that  didn’t. I voted no, I’d recommend you do to but won’t hold it against you if you vote Yes….unless yes wins of course and our country is forced to undertake this shitty little electoral omnishambles. But come on….let’s wipe the grin off Chris Huhne’s face!


The Dunce Cap has a new wearer

Congratulations John Humphreys, you’ve just made a prize prat of yourself over AV, Pakistan, Murdoch and ‘Dear-gate’. Dave is probably still laughing at his good fortune now. And Evan Davis should consider giving up twitter too with his bizzare intervention in a rush to spare his elder colleague’s blushes. What was it Cameron once said, ‘Too many tweets make a twat!’ I doubt that  the Gaurdianistas will be moaning about any perceived bias against the left now. Unless journalistic incompetence can be construed as such.

Are Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Neil the only political interviewers on the beeb capable of answering a straightforward question?

Anyways, Humphreys…wear the dunce cap. Davis, stand in the corner and hand in your blackberry.

Do the Liberals want anyone to take themselves seriously ever again?

First we had the mad old biddy Cable on manouvres, then Huhne and his obnoxious self-righteousness and Now Cleggover has waded in attacking the Tories….and all because they’re winning the AV argument with the public.

Now, the libdems can throw their dummy out of the pram and split from the coalition if they want but they would get annihilated, possibly seeing them drop to fourth in the popular vote at their current rate of decline (doubt they’d be so keen on full pr then!) and returning the country to two party politics.

This leaves the PM with a choice, he can either throw the libdems some red meat after the referendum, or he can do the sensible thing and offer no more concessions. If the liberal democrats want to survive as a political entity then they have to last the full term in coalition.

Best referendum poster?

So far, it’s been pretty poor for witty or clever posters in the AV referendum, I’ve not seen anything to compete with the utterly fantastic ‘Fire Up The Quattro’ from the general election (PS. Thanks Labour. You only managed to associate Dave with the most popular TV character in the country!). So far, this spoof is the best I’ve seen. Have you found better, give me the link and I’ll post it up so we can have a little competition.

The Final Nail in the coffin…

With a 16 point lead in the latest ICM poll on AV, there’s only one little thing the No campaign needs to do to push them over the finish line….this poster (or one like it that hadn’t been done in quite such a hurry, as Bob has a young lady to entertain this evening!)

Don’t hold back George!

Finally, someone in the Tory Party has seen sense and has come out on the offensive against AV….and very effectively too. No surprise that it’s the party’s best performer in the last 12 months, Chancellor George Osborne. He may get routinely attacked with the ‘Posh Tory Boy’ tag by the bitter left but he’s proven to be far away the most savvy political operator in Westminster. He’s given his opinion to The Mail on what a ‘dirty little compromise‘ AV actuallly is. But this being Osborne that isn’t the end of it. He also found the time to give the Lib Dems a swift kick to the scrotum and reminded them of their place. They have been getting a bit up themselves lately so an intervention from a senior Tory figure is welcome.

And a very interesting YouGov poll shows that the Yes vote may not be capturing the public’ss imagination in the way that they hoped