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Best referendum poster?

So far, it’s been pretty poor for witty or clever posters in the AV referendum, I’ve not seen anything to compete with the utterly fantastic ‘Fire Up The Quattro’ from the general election (PS. Thanks Labour. You only managed to associate Dave with the most popular TV character in the country!). So far, this spoof is the best I’ve seen. Have you found better, give me the link and I’ll post it up so we can have a little competition.


Taxi for Cable


It’s been a long time coming but surely Vince Cable has to waltz his way out of the cabinet when the reshuffle takes place. He’s just had a go at Cameron over his immigration speech. I know LibDems are generally wetter than a damp lettuce but man up Vince, he’s not saying anything the overwhelming majority of the British public would disagree with. It’s ludicrous the amount our public services and councils have to spend on translation services every year, it leads to the immigrant being isolated from their own neighbours and there grows distrust on both sides and thats where people like The BNP and the EDL step in. So bugger off Cable, you’ve been a crap minister. The Business Secretary in this government has carte blanche to cut through redtape like confetti but we’ve hardly heard you, bring back Laws, at least he actually did his bloody job in his short time as a minister.