The Final Nail in the coffin…

With a 16 point lead in the latest ICM poll on AV, there’s only one little thing the No campaign needs to do to push them over the finish line….this poster (or one like it that hadn’t been done in quite such a hurry, as Bob has a young lady to entertain this evening!)


America goes tits up

Well the news that Standard & Poor have downgraded the US’s AAA rating outlook to negative has been a bit of a bombshell. It does vindicate George Osborne’s decision to treat our own defecit with the seriousness it deserved though…and Obama’s come out of it looking completely useless again. He’s in danger of making Bush II look like a collossus in comparison.

Calm Down Carswell

There’s a lot of things I admire about Douglas Carswell, He’s quite forthright and articulate about his desire to see Britain leave the EU and why it is in the national interest, he’s a passionate believer in the democratic rights of ordinary people and is a strong believer in devolving power to local communities. But this little spat he’s having with George Osborne looks a bit silly. Osborne has stated unequivocally that he was unhappy with the terms of this european bailout scheme which added a serious liability to UK plc, he stated it at the time and he hasn’t changed his position. Even the previous Chancellor, Alistair Darling gave a statement to the house confirming that Osborne had expressed his reservations to him. Now because of some incompetent note from a junior minister that ‘there was cross-party consensus’ (except both Chancellor’s confirmed there wasn’t, Cable might have been for it but then as now, no-one really gives a fuck what that idiot thinks) Carswell wants an inquiry held to find out if Osborne mislead parliament.

Now, when we’re in a bit of a financial squeeze do you think it’s a wise way to waste public funds to investigate this, given that Darling has backed Osborne’s version of events even though it would not be in his party’s interests to do so.

Put the Dunce cap on Carswell and stand in the corner for the next week.

Taxi for Cable


It’s been a long time coming but surely Vince Cable has to waltz his way out of the cabinet when the reshuffle takes place. He’s just had a go at Cameron over his immigration speech. I know LibDems are generally wetter than a damp lettuce but man up Vince, he’s not saying anything the overwhelming majority of the British public would disagree with. It’s ludicrous the amount our public services and councils have to spend on translation services every year, it leads to the immigrant being isolated from their own neighbours and there grows distrust on both sides and thats where people like The BNP and the EDL step in. So bugger off Cable, you’ve been a crap minister. The Business Secretary in this government has carte blanche to cut through redtape like confetti but we’ve hardly heard you, bring back Laws, at least he actually did his bloody job in his short time as a minister.

Don’t hold back George!

Finally, someone in the Tory Party has seen sense and has come out on the offensive against AV….and very effectively too. No surprise that it’s the party’s best performer in the last 12 months, Chancellor George Osborne. He may get routinely attacked with the ‘Posh Tory Boy’ tag by the bitter left but he’s proven to be far away the most savvy political operator in Westminster. He’s given his opinion to The Mail on what a ‘dirty little compromise‘ AV actuallly is. But this being Osborne that isn’t the end of it. He also found the time to give the Lib Dems a swift kick to the scrotum and reminded them of their place. They have been getting a bit up themselves lately so an intervention from a senior Tory figure is welcome.

And a very interesting YouGov poll shows that the Yes vote may not be capturing the public’ss imagination in the way that they hoped